Using a RITUAL stone is one of the most incredible trends in beauty right now. But really, Ritual Stones has been used for centuries to slim the face and benefit skin in a number of ways.


The Ritual Stones provides elasticity to the skin. Makes your skin more smooth and increases blood flow to the massaging area. It also increases collagen ratio to the skin. Rolling out will relieve facial muscles and relaxes to core makes your skin super soft and shine. DETOXIFIES the facial skin as well.


Jade Roller & Gua Sha is a traditional skincare technique focused on balancing your energy. According to Ancient Ritual medicine, Gua Sha 7& Roller was used to balance the qi, which is the energy flowing throughout your body.


More literally, Jade Roller & Gua Sha is used to lift the face and promote lymphatic drainage, which does help boost your wellness!

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